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       from a dream to reality...       

ArtMonkeyWorld is the home of the best fantasy, pop culture art, and graphic design online. This website is built on a foundation of creative tourettes.

Creativity, insomnia, and the ability to turn around a project while the other guys are still sketching ideas are what drive me. That and the blasted Monkey on my back. My goal is to bring my ideas to you and help bring your ideas to life with creativity being of the utmost importance. And now, all work featuring 50% less banana stains!

My name is David Carr and I have been working as an artist in Belleville, IL, a suburb of the great city of St. Louis, for over a decade now. Paintings, portraits, digital design, CD covers, and theatrical posters are just a few of the many talents hidden in my repertoire. If you are interested in having some work done for yourself or for pricing info on art featured on this site, please feel free to contact me.

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